Work It! How to make the most of your acrylic coffee table

Acrylic coffee tables remain a hugely popular choice. They complement almost any interior design scheme and are easy to maintain and sanitise so it is no surprise they top the list of many interior designers top trends.

Here at Love It Own It we are huge fans of the acrylic coffee table and we’ve put together some tips of our own to making the most of your table.

Place your coffee table 18 inches away from your sofa, or any other seating in the room.  If it faces a TV stand or fireplace, leave at least 30 inches from the edge of the coffee table for walking around.

In a small space acrylic coffee tables almost virtually disappear, so they’ll make the room feel lighter.  Plus, you can easily wipe them down, so they’re great for drinks. You can always combine tables in oversized rooms – or perhaps add an acrylic side table of the same height to make an impact.

Leave the table bare if you want it to disappear into the background, but you also have a great opportunity to dress the table to complement the interior design scheme, a focal point for the dominant tone of the scheme or bringing together different colours used in the interior scheme. You can dress with books, magazines, flowers and plants, Objet d'art etc.

Another useful idea is to let the rug take the strain. It can become the real focal point of the room, and a clear acrylic coffee table gives you the functionality of a table without distracting from your centrepiece.

Use the acrylic to contrast with other textures and materials used in the room – don’t make the room a shrine to plastic but mix it up with other manmade materials or organics such as woods and flora.