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Work It! How to make the most of your acrylic coffee table

acrylic coffee tables
Acrylic coffee tables remain a hugely popular choice. They complement almost any interior design scheme and are easy to maintain and sanitise so it...

High Gloss. High Style. Square Acrylic Coffee Table Range

square acrylic coffee table
Square in shape only, our square acrylic coffee table range features two stunning  acrylic coffee tables in high gloss finishes that make a real style statement in any room.

How to care for my acrylic magazine rack?

care of your acrylic magazine rack
Acrylic is durable and hard wearing - with care it will last a long long time. It doesn't take much to keep your acrylic magazine rack in 'just pu...

Clear Acrylic Coffee Table Complements Any Interior

clear acrylic coffee table
One of the many advantages of a clear acrylic coffee table is its versatility - it can be used in almost all interior design schemes.  How To Creat...

Breakfast in bed table vs breakfast tray?

breakfast in bed table
It might not be up for debate everyday but we think it is time to discuss the merits of a breakfast in bed table compared to a breakfast tray.

Interior Design Trends 2022. See-through clear acrylic tables

Interior Design Trends 2022. See-through clear acrylic tables
It is prediction time for the hottest interior design trends of 2022, and ours is the continued rise of clear acrylic tables as part of any interior design scheme.

Perfect for every home cook & baker.

cookbook holder

Our latest addition to the Love It Own It homeware range is perfect for every home baker or wannabe Jamie or Nigella. Our clear acrylic cookbook holder is designed to hold recipe books open behind a protective splash screen.

It's Black. It's Beautiful. It's Bold

gloss black coffee table
Our gloss black coffee table is a bold style statement perfect for contemporary-designed living rooms and bedrooms.

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH Breakfast in bed table

breakfast in bed table
Who doesn't love the occasional breakfast in bed? Whether to celebrate a special event or just to kick start a truly relaxing day, starting the mor...

Minimising our impact on the environment

Minimising our impact on the environment
We always try to minimise our impact on the environment to make sure we do everything as sustainably as possible.

Creative Ways To Dress Your Acrylic Coffee Table

Creative Ways To Dress Your Acrylic Coffee Table

So you've ordered your acrylic coffee table from us, carefully unboxed it & unwrapped the protective - now it's time to dress to impress. Here a some great tips from our design team

Our Latest Addition To The Collection Is Here

side table with magazine rack

We've added another classic to our collection. The acrylic side table with magazine rack is another stylish and practical interior must-have from the makers at Love It Own It.