Breakfast in bed table vs breakfast tray?

It might not be up for debate everyday but we think it is time to discuss the merits of a breakfast in bed table compared to a breakfast tray.

For many breakfast in bed is an occasional treat that makes the perfect start to the today. Whether the result of a romantic gesture, a birthday treat or simply laziness, breakfast in bed is pure indulgence.

For others, however, breakfast in bed is a necessity. For the bedbound or sick, some elderly and some requiring care, breakfast in bed is a more usual start to the day.

So which to choose - breakfast in bed table or breakfast tray?

The breakfast tray certainly has its advantages. It is smaller than a bed table and easier to store, Lots of sizes means you can find one with space for all your breakfast favourites. Plastic trays are easily cleaned and sanitised, and they are often a little lighter than the breakfast in bed table so may be easier for some to carry.

However a breakfast in bed table has many advantages too. In particular it is designed to be placed over the legs so they table is stable - and sturdy. Food is less likely to crumb the bed, and drinks less likely to spill. For the elderly and ill, this stability is very important but for everyone enjoying breakfast in bed it is good to know the chances are the food will stay on the table surface. 

There are many different designs but the Love It Own It version is made from durable clear acrylic. Two things - it is made to last and can be cleaned & sanitised easily. And don't forget we've also incorporated a handy compartment for newspapers & magazines - and that helps adding the perfect touch to that lazy Sunday morning in bed. 

The only question that remains unsolved is who's making breakfast?