Acrylic Nesting Tables: Style Meets Functionality

Nesting tables have been a popular furniture choice for a long time. Styles, materials and designs might change but the principle remains the same: a set of three small tables that store together.

Nesting tables offer a space saving solution that can also work with any interior design scheme. They are loved by interior designers as much as homemakers for their flexible functionality.

Love It Own It acrylic nest of tables offer the perfect option. Made from crystal clear acrylic they allow light to flood through, and appear to take up almost no space at all. They are ideal for light limited and small spaces. But made by us in the UK, they are a practical solution too. Sturdy and shatterproof, the lightweight tables are easy to clean & sanitise.

By choosing nesting tables you save a lot of floor space. Because they fit one inside the other, you can have three tables that only take up the space needed for one. But they can also be used as separate tables when required – perhaps for a gathering, family event. Or at times when the room needs to display more items – during the Christmas holidays for example.

And you can look beyond the living room too. Nesting tables can be used to great effect throughout the home. Because of their material, size and design our Perspex nest of tables look lovely in hallways and landings. They make perfect bedside tables. Such sets can also serve as nightstands, coffee tables and side tables. Use them when guests come over, when you need some extra counter space, a desk for your laptop or something to put a lamp on in the reading corner.

The versatility of nesting tables makes them incredibly practical and functional. They are a perfect choice for small spaces as they allow you to maintain a clean and open interior design without giving up comfort. The tables come in all sorts of designs. Acrylic nesting tables appear to take up even less space so they’re particularly interesting.

And clear acrylic blends perfectly with the design of your rooms, never detracting from your carefully chosen colours and textures but offering an opportunity for further dressing.