Do acrylic coffee tables scratch easily?

Acrylic tables remain an interior design must-have trend but there is always one question buyers ask themselves before purchasing

‘Do acrylic coffee tables scratch easily?’

acrylic coffee table

Firstly, the advantages of acrylic coffee tables are clear. Offering a lightweight table option, they are easy to clean and, increasingly important these days, easy to sanitise with just a wipe down with cloth rung in hot water.

As well as practicality, they offer great interior design options. Clear acrylic coffee tables are more luminous than glass – they let the light flood through. This is especially good news for smaller and more light limited rooms. Being clear they also don’t detract from your carefully curated Interior scheme.

And the tables complement almost any interior design scheme. It is obvious their contemporary design works with minimalist or scandi schemes, but perhaps surprisingly they also add a smart finishing touch to more retro, eclectic and even traditional schemes, mixing and matching with antiques and classical furniture.

Alternatively, you can showcase the table with some imaginative table dressing that brings elements of the interior scheme together through carefully chosen objet d’art, plants, books, ornaments, and accessories.

But to return to the original question, is it worth investing in an acrylic table if it cannot be maintained in good condition.

Care for Acrylic Coffee Tables

There are two parts to the question.

 Does acrylic scratch? Yes, just a wood, glass and any other material will scratch. Like any furniture item, care needs to be taken to keep the item in good condition. And the more the traffic the more likely it will be to be scratched or damaged so think carefully about placement and suitability. There are some top tips on how to care for your acrylic furniture here

 And the second part of the question is how easily they scratch. The answer here is about the quality of the acrylic used to manufacture the table. Not all acrylic tables are equal – BEWARE CHEAP IMITIATIONS when comparing sometimes similar products and prices.

Quality tables can be made in acrylic from 6mm thick upwards, and ultra durable and sturdy tables are likely to be made from 10mm acrylic plus. This thickness mitigates against scratching and damage, and tables made from this quality of material provide for a sturdy and durable product that will last and last.

Always check product information before buying your table and try to find any customer reviews for extra peace of mind.