Recyclable Perspex Side Table From Love It Own It

The bestselling Perspex side table range offers great style at a great price - and the good news is that it is fully recyclable at the end of its product lifecycle.

Once it is no longer needed it can recycled at your nearest recycling centre. The multi use acrylic is then turned into material that can be used to make lots more interesting products - reducing the impact on the environment of their manufacture.

However, the Perspex side table has been made to last & last. Acrylic is durable and sturdy so it is perfect for use in making tables and homeware products such as acrylic magazine racks. 

It is virtually shatterproof so it can be used safely throughout the house.

And clear acrylic is more luminous than glass - letting light pour through so it is perfect weather light is plentiful or limited.

And the side table can be used in any interior design scheme. Clear acrylic compliments the look and feel of the room without drawing the eye away from statement furniture. The tables are ideal for living rooms as well, but add interest to hallways, landings, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

As they are weatherproof they can be also be used as patio or garden table.

Take a look at our UK-made Perspex Side Table range today