6 Great Reasons Why A Perspex Coffee Table Is This Seasons Must Have

Acrylic furniture is cool… & hot! It is increasingly used as part of contemporary interior schemes and we can see why. But here are 6 reasons why this plastic is fantastic.

  1. Let there be light (and space)

Although acrylic furniture comes in a range of colours, clear acrylic is the most popular choice for furniture – and it is not hard to see why. Clear acrylic helps you make the most of available light and space in any room. By a trick of the eye, acrylic furniture almost seems to disappear and light is not absorbed. Rooms always appear bigger with less furniture but acrylic furniture allows you to keep some of the furniture you love without appearing to fill a room. As interior design blogger Becky Harris writes “One of the easiest ways to make a room feel bigger is to keep it from being too full of furniture. In order to get away with keeping all of the furniture you need, use a sneaky designers' trick: clear furniture.”


  1. Mix and Match

Another advantage of the Perspex coffee table is its flexibility of use. It can be incorporated in almost ANY design scheme. A quick Google search will show you the variety of schemes that now feature acrylic furniture. Of course, you’d expect it to look the business in lofts and in minimalist schemes, but you will also see these coffee tables, side tables and nest of tables used in traditional, global or eclectic-themed design schemes.


  1. Safety first – quality always.

Acrylic furniture has many advantages over its glass-made rivals. Acrylic is shatterproof, and child friendly. It is lightweight and can easily be moved from room to room. Acrylic is easy to keep clean and maintain in a ‘just purchased’ condition.  But beware – not all acrylic is born equal. Look out for furniture manufactured from high quality, high impact acrylic. Find out the thickness of the acrylic used – the thicker the material, the more stable the table. Always choose a reputable manufacturer & check out their returns policy if you are buying over the internet.


  1. High end style @ unbeatable prices

As with all furniture items, you pay your money and you take your choice. And what a choice. You can invest £1000s of high-end designer items from some of the leading names in design and some up-and-coming stars of the future too. These pieces combine functionality and art – they are designed to draw attention to their beauty and represent a real investment. But you can also start at the other end of the acrylic furniture market. UK-made high quality items can be purchased at great value prices and offer all the functionality and durability of higher priced pieces.


  1. For students and studio apartments

When students eventually head off to university, the acrylic coffee table is an essential for student homes and digs. As well as helping make the most of space and light in often poorly lit and space-poor accommodation, the durability of acrylic means it can stand the annual end of term move back home or to new digs. It will look cool and be practical too. And when space is really tight – such as in studio apartments – acrylic furniture is an essential, helping you add style and function at a stroke.


  1. Don’t be a rug mug

Increasingly, a statement rug is used in many rooms especially with the increased use of original floor boards. Most coffee tables merely obscure and hide this statement (and often costly) item. An acrylic table is clearly a clever way to prevent this. You get all the functionality of a coffee table & get to show off your favourite floor covering at the same time.