Why The Strategist's Stephanie Buschardt Is Loving The Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

In a recent feature interior New York magazine writer Stephanie Buschardt waxed lyrical about one of the hottest trends in interior design - the clear acrylic coffee table.

From the heart of stylish NY she writes 

If I scrolled too fast, I might have missed it. The first time I laid eyes on this particular clear coffee table, it was sitting in writer Haley Nahman’s Brooklyn living room, perched atop a Cold Picnic rug. It was littered with books, a zen garden, and other comforting ephemera that, on account of its glass makeup, all effectively appeared to be floating. I loved the unadorned, simple look of the coffee table and coincidentally happened to be redecorating my place for the umpteenth time since lockdown. I made a mental note to look for a similar style — and so did Instagram’s algorithm, apparently.Not long after, I scrolled upon another version, again on a Cold Picnic rug, except this one was just a single shiny slab of acrylic. In the ensuing weeks, it seemed like all my feed consisted of were images of the table, in various iterations of glass and acrylic, sitting in the plant-strewn dwellings of other writers, artists, and cool influential-types on Instagram, including a stacked acrylic side table in best-selling author Samantha Irby’s living room.It would make sense to blame the minimalist trend for the current ubiquity of this understated coffee table, which has been around in one form or another for years. But my Instagram skulking also revealed that maximalism played a part in its popularity. And what better way to temper it all than with a table that is less of a shout, more of a whisper? By virtue of its see-through design, the clear acrylic coffee table essentially acts as a blank canvas, deferring to the decorative whims of its owner.
Here at Love It Own It we could not have put it better.