Minimising our impact on the environment

We always try to minimise our impact on the environment to make sure we do everything as sustainably as possible.

Firstly we invest in the highly efficient state of the art machinery that is made to minimise energy use and lower material waste. Our expert team are great at making sure we get our production right first time every time - there is nothing more wasteful than manufacturing sub standard products.

We only use high quality ethically sourced acrylic from leading brands such as Perspex® Our work with SEDEX helps to improve practices in the following areas: Labour market, Health and Safety, The Environment & Business ethics.

Why do we do this? Using the best quality material on products such as acrylic coffee tables makes sure they last and last - unlike cheaper versions that have much shorter lifecycles. The least sustainable choice is poor quality products that need to be replaced after only a short period

clear acrylic coffee tables

We use fully recyclable acrylic to make our complete range.

Why do we use recyclable acrylic?

At the end of your purchases' lifecycle it can be fully recycled and the material made from this recycling can be used to make lots of useful products for domestic and commercial use.

All the manufacturing is completed under one roof - again, helping to lower the carbon footprint of the process.

Finally we take great care over our packaging and delivery. Most products are wrapped in a protective film and then carefully packed by our team. Although the packaging might sometimes seem a lot we want it to arrive in perfect condition, because replacing damaged products has a major impact on carbon footprint. 

And we partner with a delivery partner who takes their environmental commitment seriously and aims to deliver emission free in our cities.

From our use of materials to our ongoing investment in efficient machinery, from our high quality to our delivery process we are aiming to be as sustainable as possible.