Introducing Our Acrylic Magazine Rack Range

We offer two styles of magazine rack.

The Classic acrylic magazine rack is made from 4mm Perspex® acrylic and measures 330 (w) x 170 (d) x 260 (h). It is perfect for every day use - sturdy, safe and virtually shatterproof. It's large capacity makes it ideal for storing and showing off newspapers, magazines and periodicals. 

The Premium acrylic magazine rack is made from 8mm Perspex® acrylic and measures 330 (w) x 170 (d) x 260 (h). The stylish design and super sturdy build make this ideal for use in any location. 

More about our acrylic magazine rack range

Both styles are made from crystal clear Perspex® acrylic. The magazine rack appears to take up no space at all, and let the light flood through. It makes the magazine holder perfect for smaller or light limited rooms, but it also means the product doesn't detract from your carefully throughout interior design scheme.

And talking of interior design schemes, the classic styling of the rack means it works perfectly with any interior scheme; perfectly 'at home' in minimalist schemes as well as retro and traditional schemes.

Benefits of acrylic magazine racks

Acrylic is the smart material for interior homewares. It is lightweight, virtually shatterproof and easy to clean & sanitise. We only use high quality ethically sourced material. If you ever decide that you no longer need your rack, it can be recycled and used to create material used in lots more products.

For house and more

The rack can be used in many rooms throughout the home – living room, hallway, landing, home office and even bedroom (what else is there to do but read magazines?), but they are also perfect for commercial uses. They make a great way to keep reception areas and waiting rooms looking tidy, and they can be used in offices and workplaces.