How to care for my acrylic magazine rack?

acrylic magazine rack

Acrylic is durable and hard wearing - with care it will last a long long time. It doesn't take much to keep your acrylic magazine rack in 'just purchased' condition - here's a few tips: 

Your acrylic magazine rack should be cleaned with lukewarm water and a clean non-abrasive cloth. If you wish to you can also use a mild non-abrasive detergent. Use only light pressure when cleaning.

If the surface of your magazine rack becomes exceptionally dirty or gritty, 'rinse' the surface first by lightly swabbing a saturated cloth over the surface and allow dirt and grit to drain away. Avoid rubbing dirt or grit into the surface of your magazine rack. Turn the cloth often and replace with a clean cloth frequently. Dry by blotting gently with a clean dry cloth.

If your rack becomes scratched a plastic polish kit can help restore your product by cleaning and removing scratches rather than filling them. 


DO NOT use any of the following on your acrylic table: ketones, aromatics, esters, window cleaning sprays, alcohol, kitchen scouring detergents or solvents (such as acetone, benzene, gasoline or thinners)

DO NOT use ammonia-based cleaning solutions on acrylic as they will eat into the surface and cause it to craze.

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Recycle Your  Acrylic Magazine Rack

Because we make our magazine racks to the highest standards, the product has a long lifecycle. However if you decide you no longer want your magazine rack, it can be fully recycled. The new material made from the recycled product is used to make loads of useful products. Your local recycling centre will accept the product for recycling.