Is acrylic furniture durable?

The trend acrylic furniture seems to be durable – but are the acrylic coffee tables, acrylic side tables and other furniture Items equally as durable?

To discover the answer, we visited Love It Own It’s workshop and we were surprised at what we found.

The clue to answer lies with the quality of the acrylic used to manufacture the furniture. Not all acrylic furniture is equal because not all acrylic is equal. As with any almost anything, poor quality material will result in poor quality products.

BEWARE CHEAP IMITATIONS when comparing apparently similar products.

At Love It Own It they pride themselves firstly on ethically sourcing their material. Part of the Wrights Plastics Group their membership of SEDEX confirms a commitment to ethical supply chains, working across four key areas SEDEX works to improve practices in the following areas: labour market, Health and Safety, The Environment and business ethics.

Secondly, they use the highest quality acrylic for all their products. The clear acrylic for example has a higher luminosity than glass making it ideal for tables and homeware. The finished products are stable, sturdy, and shatterproof making them ideal for use in homes as well as in offices, public reception and waiting areas, lobbies etc.

Hand Finished Acrylic Tables For Best Quality

Love It Own It also use the correct thickness of material to ensure their tables remain durable for many years – they are as long lasting as similar style glass or wooden tables, for example. And equally as recyclable.

And talk of finishing reminds us of perhaps the most surprising thing we saw at the furniture maker’s workshop. Each table is hand finished by the team, ensuring maximum durability every time.

To conclude, the durability of acrylic furniture depends on its quality. A good retailer (instore or online) will have full details about the quality of acrylic used. And customer reviews can also add peace of mind.

And like the acrylic tables we saw at Love It Own It HQ it seems like the trend for acrylic furniture will be around for many years to come