Creative Ways To Dress Your Acrylic Coffee Table

So you've ordered your acrylic coffee table from us, carefully unboxed it & unwrapped the protective - now it's time to dress to impress.

Here a some great tips from our design team

1. Keep it simple

Simple displays are attractive without disrupting the eye. This helps ensure the display always looks tidy - do not overcomplicate or crowd the table.

2. Keep It Balanced

Balance is an essential component of any coffee table display. One of the easiest ways to achieve visual harmony is with symmetry. Symmetrical displays help make the whole room look uniform and tiday

3. Try a Vignette

By composing a coffee table display, you're creating a vignette or trying to leave an impression. The key to a perfect vignette is working with items that tie together. Items can connect through similar colour, style, shape, or theme. 

4. Consider the Proportions

When it comes to coffee table styling, items look best when they're the right size. Items should be large enough, so they don't disappear on the table but not so large they overwhelm the display or simply get in the way of table's function.

5. Consider The Room

how to dress an acrylic coffee table

Integrate your clear acrylic coffee table and the items in your display with the rest of your room - keep to the same styles, themes, tones & colours. Anything else will look out of place & ill considered.

6. Keep It Low

When creating a coffee table display, avoid tall, clunky objects that obstruct the view of people sitting on either side of the table. Think of a creative way to use pieces of different heights on a coffee table. 

how to dress an acrylic coffee table

7. Overcrowd With Style
Perhaps the most difficult look to achieve but very impactful if you get it right. Use treasured items to create an almost art gallery exhibition that leaves no room for functionality but says lots about the homeowner.

and more inspiration here 

Hope you like our ideas - we'd love to see how you dress your acrylic coffee table. You can send pics at