Clear Acrylic Coffee Table Complements Any Interior

One of the many advantages of a clear acrylic coffee table is its versatility - it can be used in almost all interior design schemes. 

How To Create Contrast In Your Interior Design Scheme

An acrylic coffee table can be used to add some diversity to any scheme, contrasting with colours, textures and other materials used to create your look. Brooklyn-based writer Haley Nahman recently wrote

clear acrylic coffee tableMy glass coffee table was one of the first things I bought when I moved into my apartment. The furniture I already had was super warm—woodsy and velvety—and I wanted something that would offset that a bit

Haley is absolutely right - the luminous clear acrylic subtly contrasts with organic furniture and design. And because acrylic is actually more luminous than glass it makes even greater use of the available light and appears almost to take up no room.

While the look of our classic coffee table might suggest minimalist loft apartment, clever interior designers use it to contrast with maximalist and traditional schemes, its clarity offering a contrast to rich colours and extensive layering often associated with these schemes. It somehow appears to let the room breath, creating a clear space - a pause amongst the intricate scheme around it.

How To Complement A Scheme

clear acrylic coffee table

Alternatively, you can use the table to complement a scheme or design. Obviously the table works brilliantly with a minimalist or Scandi-based scheme but even in other busier layouts the table can be used to pull together all the elements of the scheme through some bold dressing. Books, Objet d'art and other carefully created pieces can bring your colours, textures and references together in one place, making the table a focal point of the room.