What is a ghost coffee table?

A ghost coffee table is a clear coffee table; it’s almost invisible – and therefore has been named a ghost coffee table.

Most ghost coffee tables are made from acrylic. The material is lighter than glass, and often less expensive and can be moulded into different styles more easily.

Acrylic is also sometimes known by it is trade names such as Perspex® or Lucite.

Acrylic transmits more light than glass so it is perfect for making the most of available light. Ideal for large light-filled rooms but also for making the most of light-limited spaces.

Why choose a ghost coffee table?

Acrylic furniture remains ontrend. Not only does it offer great value, it is also incredibly versatile. Clear acrylic tables make subtle finishing touches in any room, and coloured acrylic tables make a bold statement wherever they are featured. Clear acrylic tables don’t detract from statement furnishings such as rugs and sofas.

All this means that such a table can be used as part of almost any interior design scheme. Of course, it looks great with a contemporary or minimalist scheme, and is perfect for an ontrend scandi look. But perhaps more surprisingly the tables are ideal as part of a retro or even traditional design scheme, demonstrating a smart mix of the modern and the timeless with their classic design.

Are acrylic tables safe?

Yes. But you need to buy from a quality acrylic table manufacturer. High quality acrylic is durable, sturdy and virtually shatterproof so it is a perfect material for tables. And that means they tables can be used in domestic, commercial and retail locations safely.

Beware Cheap Imitations

Low quality acrylic coffee tables and acrylic side tables are a poor investment. They are unlikely to be sufficiently sturdy or durable, and will likely scratch easily. Choose a high quality product from a reputable maker or supplier – and you should be able to enjoy your stylish table for many years to come.