What is a business card stand?

A business card stand is a manufactured item that is designed to store or hold business cards. 

Usually located on a desk for easy access, there are many different design and material options. Traditional wood or metal business card stands are widely available but more commonly today a plastic business card holder is more often used. They often cost less and are available in a wide variety of styles.

Regardless of style most business card holders confirm to a similar design which provides a space for the cards to be placed supported by material at the front and back, the back often being shorter than the rear so that the cards can be seen and read more easily.

Despite modern technology business cards remain hugely popular and therefore the demand for business card holders remains high.

What size is a business card stand?

The sizes vary greatly but a standard business card measures 84 mm wide x 55 mm and most holders are designed slightly oversize to hold the cards comfortably. 

Even with a standard size there are lots of styles to choose from. These might include functional single tier business card holder or multi tier business card holder for a larger capacity to a more design-led business card stand to reflect design trends.

The holders are widely available in office supply stores and online.