Add An Acrylic Side Table To Any Room

An acrylic side table is a really versatile addition to any room.

The table offers extra display space without taking up lots of room. Clear acrylic is perfect for making the most of available light - it is is even better than glass.

The table can be placed anywhere as part of any interior design scheme, The classic shape makes it perfect for a contemporary design scheme as well as retro or traditional schemes. They don't detract from any feature or statement item, or any design feature.

We manufacture our acrylic side tables from ethically-sourced high quality acrylic. They are sturdy and safe to use in any room - they can even be used outdoors as they are completely weatherproof.

There are a number of stages on offer in our range. The Classic acrylic side table is our entry level model, perfect for everyday use and available in clear and 'glass effect' options. The Premium Range offers the same finish options manufactured from sturdy 8mm acrylic.

The Prestige range features a stunning glass effect design in super sturdy 12mm Perspex acrylic.

For an alternative design option check our our Tower side tables. There strong lines, a subtle grey-tinted clear finish and a simple geometric design make them a real smart choice for any room.