Perspex® acrylic furniture remains top design trend

Interior designers and trend watchers worldwide have continued to include acrylic furniture in their trend guides for the coming season.

Renowned interior specialist Kensington Design recently blogged that “Perspex® furniture works almost everywhere. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, Perspex® furniture works as a wonderful counterbalance to solid furniture.”

Kris Jarrett on Driven by Décor blog confessed in January this year that acrylic and Lucite Perspex® furniture was her latest “design crush” and high on her priorities for some room makeovers. It’s easy to share Kris’ crush as acrylic offers lots of options regardless of the interior design, a perfect finishing touch for rooms’ ancient and modern, minimal or choc full of eclectic pieces.

For example a clear acrylic coffee table will add functionality without detracting from the surrounding scheme – perfect for use on a feature floor covering for example. They are also a brilliant way to add impact through thoughtful dressing and styling; use an acrylic coffee table to keep an interior design scheme fresh with the latest must-have pieces.

Choosing a quality table is important. The thickness of the acrylic will affect the stability of the table and high impact acrylic ensures safe and shatterproof furniture suitable for busy households. The better the quality acrylic, the easier it is to clean and maintain. Look for the Perspex® brand as a mark of quality when looking for acrylic furniture.

The fabulous Boco do Lobo furniture site, in their feature on ‘2017 Home Design Trends’ quote designer Ed Ku “In 2017, I hope to see transparency as a trend in home design as well as in the world at large. Acrylic and Lucite bring a sense of order and weightlessness…”

And the ever ontrend online furniture retailers at Havenly in their feature ‘5 Home Décor Trends to Try in 2017’ state “we love how light and airy acrylic furniture feels in nearly any design style. It is often a great contrast and can add an edgy element to an otherwise classic design. Even better, acrylic allows your other design elements to really shine, so if you have a bright blue sofa or a hand-dyed rug, an acrylic coffee table may be your new best friend.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!