8 great uses for acrylic side tables

clear acrylic side tableAcrylic side tables are durable, affordable and flexible. Here we take a look at some great ways to make the most of these fantastic plastic tables

  1. Bedside Tables

Perfect for the minimal, clutter free look of many modern bedroom layouts. Clear acrylic is perfect for making the most of available space and light so it is the ideal choice for bedside tables in smaller rooms. Acrylic side table ranges often also include other colours – such as black or red – to complement any design scheme.


  1. Plant Stands

Clear acrylic side tables can be as anonymous as you want them to be so they make ideal bases for displays of any description. When it comes to plants, they allow the full glory of the plants or flowers to be seen with no distractions. Unlike wood, acrylic tables are water resistant and easy to clean and maintain; unlike glass, acrylic is lightweight so you can easily move the side tables to create stunning plant displays anywhere in the home.


  1. Underdesk storage

Many modern desks incorporate glass or acrylic in their design and acrylic side tables are a brilliant way of creating under the desk storage without detracting from the clean and contemporary style the desk achieves.  One or two desks will offer much needed storage space within easy reach of the user.


  1. Waiting Room & Reception Areas

Acrylic is lightweight, shatterproof and easy to clean so it is the perfect material when heavy & regular use is likely. Its light maximising qualities also make it ideal when space is limited. All these qualities make acrylic tables ideal for waiting rooms and receptions areas. They are affordable on any budget & immediately add a light modern feel to customer-facing areas.


  1. Emergency kids desks

Just the right height and size for use as desks for little ones, they come in handy when you need extra desks when those little ones come to visit or you are looking after other kids for friends and family. Shatterproof, sturdy and durable, theses side tables might just avoid a ‘desk crisis’ in the future.


  1. Occasional tables

These acrylic side tables are designed for occasional use. Perfect for parties and a real Christmas cracker, they provide unobtrusive but much needed solutions when there are guests or additional need for display or storage such as birthdays, celebrations, etc.


  1. Hallway Heroes

Many hallways - new and old - are too narrow for traditional tables but too large or long to be left completely empty. Acrylic side tables can offer a solution. They are brilliant for corners or under-the-stair area making the perfect base for decorations, books, magazines or plants. They make a great base for lighting. Being shatterproof and without sharp corners they are ideal for homes with youngsters.


  1. Retail Display

Acrylic side tables can be used in many retail displays. Used in store or in windows, they capture light and don’t detract from the items being promoted, while immediately creating a cool contemporary look to your display. Being shatterproof and easy to clean they are ideal for busy retail environments.  And they won’t break the marketing budget with premium quality tables now available at great low prices.