What is a Perspex® acrylic table?

Perspex® is recognised as a leading manufacturer of quality acrylic products and we use their products in the manufacture of our acrylic coffee tables, acrylic side tables and acrylic nested tables.

Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic homopolymer similar to polycarbonate in that it is often used as an alternative to glass – it is scratch resistant, virtually shatterproof and lightweight. Acrylic is strong & sturdy – perfect for use in tables for interiors and exteriors.

Its versatility has seen acrylic used in lots of different ways – from false nails to protection barriers, shop displays to roofing, the uses are almost limitless.

Why we use Perspex® in our acrylic tables

Perspex® is the brand leader in the manufacture of high quality acrylic so our customers are assured of the best quality material when they buy from our Love It Own It collections. Perspex® acrylic is durable and strong, shatterproof and better light transmitting than glass.

With a universe of colours and finishes Perspex® is the perfect partner for our design team as we look to create statement items in a range of finishes.

Are Perspex® acrylic tables recyclable?


One of the reasons we work with Perspex® is their commitment to the environment. My manufacturing high quality acrylic that is strong and durable they reduce the need to replace the finished items. Perspex® achieves 97% manufacturing efficiency and their flexible production process means they continually strive to maximise efficiencies in manufacturing.

Perspex® send zero acrylic waste to landfill. Find out more here.

Perspex® acrylic can be recycled & the resulting recycled acrylic used in lots of new applications and products including soundproof windows and doors, baby incubators, medical and surgical devices, lamps, chandeliers, street lamps, LED lightboxes, signage, exhibitions and in cars, trains and other vehicles, doors and windows.

Your acrylic table can be recycled through your usual Local Authority recycling programme – either as part of a regular collection or taken to a nearby recycling plant. If you have any questions about how to recycle your table contact us at recycling@loveitownit.co.uk