Can I recycle my acrylic table from Love It. Own It?


Unlike the plastics used in packaging or water bottles acrylic is a multi-use plastic. It can be recycled and the resulting recycled acrylic can be used in lots of really useful products such as life-saving incubators and medical devices.

The start of our environmental journey begins with the type of acrylic we use when we make our acrylic coffee tables, acrylic side tables and acrylic nested tables. We partner with Perspex® - the leading brand name in acrylic manufacturing. By using high impact sturdy & strong material, our tables are manufactured to last, reducing the need for them to be replaced. High quality acrylic is shatterproof, again reducing the need to replace it and also making it suitable & safe for use throughout the home.

One of the reasons we work with Perspex® is their commitment to the environment. My manufacturing high quality acrylic that is strong and durable they reduce the need to replace the finished items. Perspex® achieves 97% manufacturing efficiency and their flexible production process means they continually strive to maximise efficiencies in manufacturing.

Perspex® send zero acrylic waste to landfill. Find out more here.

Recycling an acrylic table.

Your acrylic table can be recycled through your usual local authority recycling programme – either as part of a regular collection or taken to a nearby recycling plant. If you have any questions about how to recycle your table contact us at