Otra-Vida Sustainable Furniture Collection

Otra-Vida is the growing UK eco furniture brand making beautifully crafted sustainable furniture.

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The table tops in this sustainable furniture range are made from recycled single use plastics such as water bottles and yoghurt pots that are diverted from landfill and turned into a durable and richly coloured material that not only looks stunning but is practical and easy to maintain.  

Typically a dining table top can use up to 1000 standard single-use plastic bottles.

There is a kaleidoscope of colour choices in the Otra-Vida Sustainable Furniture Collection to suit any interior design scheme. And the collection features coffee tables and dining tables with a choice of leg options. Stylish table clamp table legs in a range of colours add some urban industrial chic to any room, or why not choose the ethically sourced eco-friendly plywood legs for a stripped back style?

Why Choose Otra-Vida Sustainable Furniture Collection?

Sustainability is at the heat of everything Otra-Vida do. The name means ‘another life’ & they are committed to giving another life to unwanted material such as plastic and acrylic. Using recycled material reduces the impact on the environment, and means less waste.

The founder David is committed to great design as well as minimising the impact on the environment.

“Having never been one for disposable homeware items I believe items should be cherished so creating something beautiful was top of our priorities, making sure conscience didn’t compromise design. Each of our pieces tells a story. All of our pieces are inspired by minimal and modern design with stripped back raw materials meeting playful colour and leaving the nature of the recycled materials to do the talking. All of our pieces have been designed to create minimum waste, to be easily disassembled and no unnecessary parts or adhesives. This all enables our products to be easily recycled making sure we are not just delaying them ending up in landfill but to be used and cherished for the rest of its life. We aim to make all of our products flat pack, all of our packaging is recyclable and we use carbon neutral delivery all trying to reduce our impact on the planet. We are huge believers in many people living consciously imperfectly rather than a few living consciously perfectly so any small impact and changes we can make can make a huge difference, diverting waste from our eco-system into something useful and interesting for our homes.”