Meet the Designer - Sane Mafa

Sane Mafa

Customers love the cool contemporary look of The Sane Mafa Collection so Love It. Own It decided to meet the designer behind our first signature collection.

At just 23, the achievement of a signature collection has come as early recognition of the talents of designer Sane Mafa. She was delighted to be asked to create a collection for Love It. Own It.

After gaining a degree in Product Design from Birmingham City University, Sane gained experience designing a wide range of products including jewellery & retail displays.“But furniture design has always been my passion, so I jumped at the chance to work with the brand.

“I am also fascinated by the possibilities of using unusual material for domestic furniture. Acrylic offers such potential that it was exciting to work with the medium for this collection. I knew Love It. Own It had a track record of making stylish but everyday acrylic tables so I wanted to be able to add something different to the collection.”

Sane spent several months with the manufacturing team learning about what can – and cannot – be done with acrylic. “Acrylic can be shaped, bent and moulded into lots of different shapes and volumes. I think we are just at the beginning of exploring the potential of the material.

“It can be printed on, routed out and available in a whole universe of colours & textures so the sky is almost literally the limit.

“Fortunately we use Perspex® acrylic to manufacture the tables and homeware in the Love It. Own It range. It is really the best quality material available so the tables are not only stylish but durable and practical too.”

Inspiration for The Sane Mafa Acrylic Tables Collection

So what inspired the designs behind Sane’s collection?

“It might be clear than I am drawn to clean lines and geometric shapes.

“The hexagonal acrylic table was inspired by a desire to create a table that would make an impact without overwhelming. Whether buyers choose the high gloss black or white options, the table will provide a focal point for any room, but is also very useable.

“Am I allowed to say I love my acrylic tower side tables? They are so linear, so solid but very contemporary – the trend towards simplicity, ‘back-to-design-basics’. The slight grey tint in the finish adds a cool touch but the tables will also make the most of the natural light – they are perfect for light limited or small rooms as they will make the most of space & light.

“As a contrast the floral pattern acrylic coffee tables offer a perhaps unexpected filigree detail – again something to make an impact but subtly. They are real triumph of our furniture making experience and skill. The design (hopefully) gives these sturdy, solid tables a delicate, airy feel.”

Sane is already working on the next range of tables for The Sane Mafa Collection – we can’t wait!